Product Description

BÖHLER’s cold work tool steel K490 MICROCLEAN closes the gap in the material demands between wear resistance and the desired high toughness.

Property Features

  • High hardness (up to 64 HRC)
  • Very good toughness
  • High abrasive and adhesive wear resistance
  • Excellent hard machinability
  • High compressive strength
  • Heat treatment together with common cold work tool steels (1.2379, D2) at hardening temperatures from 1030 to 1080 °C (1885 – 1980 °F) possible
  • Stable mechanical properties

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength Stability heat Toughness Wear resistance abrasive Wear resistance adhesive

Chemical Composition

1,40 6,40 1,50 3,70 3,50

Chemical composition (average %)

Available product shapes

  • Levhalar
  • Uzun Ürünler


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