Product Description

An increase in productivity in high-tech toolmaking can only be achieved by using the appropriate highly wear-resistant PM materials. The decisive factors are toughness, wear resistance, compressive strength and edge-holding ability. Factors which are combined to formidable advantage in BÖHLER K190 MICROCLEAN.

Property Features

  • Toughness & Ductility: yüksek
  • Good toughness means safety against cracking of the molds in use: iyi
  • Uniformly high strength and toughness, even with large dimensions: iyi
  • Wear Resistance: yüksek
  • Compressive strength: yüksek
  • Dimensional stability: çok yüksek
  • Excellent homogeneity and isotropy: çok yüksek
  • Fine carbide structure: iyi
  • Homogeneous microstructure: iyi

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength Stability heat Toughness Wear resistance abrasive Wear resistance adhesive

Material Numbers

~1.2380 ~ X230CrVMo13 4

Chemical Composition

2,30 0,60 0,30 12,50 1,10 4,00

Chemical composition (average %)

Available product shapes

  • Uzun Ürünler


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