Melting Route

Powder metallurgy

Product Description

BÖHLER K497 MICROCLEAN is a cold work tool steel manufactured using powder metallurgy and belongs to the group of 9% vanadium steels. The high carbide content makes this steel highly resistant to wear. It has lower hardness and wear resistance than K294 MICROCLEAN (10% vanadium steel). Nevertheless, this material has better toughness. BÖHLER K497 MICROCLEAN is used in situations where wear resistance is the decisive factor and compressive strength is of secondary importance. This material is not only used in cold work applications, but is also popular at lower hardness levels as a wear resistant alternative in mold making.

Property Features

  • Tokluk ve Süneklik: yüksek
  • Aşınma Direnci: yüksek
  • Basınç Dayanımı: yüksek
  • Boyutsal kararlılık: çok yüksek

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength Toughness Wear resistance abrasive Wear resistance adhesive

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition (average %)
1,85 0,85 0,50 5,30 1,30 9,00

Available product shapes

  • Uzun Ürünler


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