Melting Route

Airmelted + Remelted

Product Description

BÖHLER W302 ISOBLOC is a 5% chromium steel and corresponds to material number 1.2344 (X40CrMoV5-1). Produced via the electroslag remelting process (ESR), this tool steel has very high hot toughness as well as very high hot hardness and a very good resistance against heat-checkings. The combination of these properties makes it a top performer in closed- and open-die forging as well as in high- and low-pressure die casting. In addition, this material has very good polishability and is therefore also often used as a molding material for plastic injection molds.

Property Features

  • Tokluk ve Süneklik: yüksek
  • Aşınma Direnci: yüksek
  • İşlenebilirlik: çok yüksek
  • Sıcak Sertlik (kırmızı sertlik): yüksek
  • Cilalanabilirlik: çok yüksek
  • Termal iletkenlik: iyi
  • Mikro temizlik: yüksek

Technical Specifications

High temperture strength High temperature toughness High temperature wear resistance

Material Numbers

1.2344 T20813 X40CrMoV5-1 H13 SKD61 B1885


4957 G4404 #207

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition (average %)
0,39 0,90 0,40 5,20 1,40 0,95

Available product shapes

Information on Uzun Ürünler ) Presented data refer exclusivly to long products. Please observe the detailed explanations at the end of the data sheet (pdf).

  • Açık Kalıpta Dövme
  • Levhalar
  • Uzun Ürünler


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